60 Sweet Poems For Her to Make Her Smile


Sweet Poems For Her: We are often told that actions and not words that are more effective. But when it comes to your romantic life this may not always be true. Not only do you have to show your lover your sweet and caring side, but you also have to learn to express it in words. There is always the most popular “I love you” but your words have to go beyond this. In fact this declaration of love has been so used that it has almost taken on the place of a cliché.

And if we enter in the colorful world of love and romance, we’ll see that a short sweet poem can express the entire emotions and feelings of your heart. After a long search, we’ve made an impressive collection of 60 Sweet Poems For Her to make her smile which provide you a way to express your feelings to your lover, weather she is you girlfriend, your beloved or your loving wife. These sweet poems are efficiently capable to express the deep passion for your lover and make her happy for sure. So let’s mix some sweetness to your love relationship with this cute collection.

Sweet Poems For Her to Make Her Smile

  • Every mile I walk, every word I talk, every breathe I take, it is only to make you smile and laugh without a break.
  • A rose can look morose, a moon will not make me swoon but a smile from you will make me happy enough to run a mile
  • Your beauty will never fade as long as my love is not dead, your glamor will not dim because it comes from within
  • If you take a thorny path, you can be sure that of my protecting you from any wrath, you step on a bump, I will be sure to remove every lump
  • You and me are meant to be lovers forever I know this because I see no end to my fervor
  • I am your knight in shining armor, I am your friend in times of clamor, I am your lover and near you I will always hover
  • I live to see you smile, if at all I fail, I hope you forgive me, oh my dear female
  • You smile and my heart beams awhile, you frown and my mood goes down
  • You are pretty as a rose, you keep me from being morose, by staying really close
  • If stars where not so far, then may be they would with the brightness of your smile spar, but even then I doubt that you they could the beauty of your smile they could mar.
  • A fountain tinkles, a star twinkles, a bird chirps, but you my dear beat them all when you laugh from your heart
  • You are the love of my life, If you go away it would be as if I was stabbed with a knife, and my life would be full of strife.
  • A moment to late, and you would not be my fate. When I think of my destiny, I know I am lucky
  • When you laugh at my jokes I feel tall, when you look at me with those lovely eyes, I feel that I can break any wall
  • You are as pretty as a peacock but not all vain, you are wise as owl but you have a really deep soul and best of all you love me with all your heart and make me proud.
  • I hold your hand and you hold my heart, you smile at me and I feel your soul, you are my life and I would like it if you would become my wife
  • As sharp as the sun, as soft as the moon, as lovely as the lotus and as pure as dawn- my darling you are the only one
  • Our love holds strong, nothing can go wrong, our hearts beat together day and night because of that I know everything will go right
  • Though our love does not meet the norm I know together we can weather any storm
  • A beacon of light, through the darkness of light is your face, a ray of hope is your look and touches every corner of my heart and nook.