60 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Woman

African American women are blessed with curly hair and they may find themselves longing for straight hair. Women with straight hair may long for curls. However when you are blessed with curly hair, then you should make it the most of it. The thing is there are many hairdos that women with curly hair can have that are easy and fun.Since curly hair has the tendency to well… curl up, women tend to keep it short. Here are some Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Woman that you can adopt to look great:

  • Clean, neat and pretty. This is something that will make you look sweet and pretty
  • Complicated and interesting: A short hairdo that has curls up to the ears and let loose around the face along with a side part.
  • Creatively cute: A mix of curly hair with straight bangs hanging near the eyebrows to pull together the look
  • Sleek and short: This will add a smart and cool look to you and help you feel confident
  • Bubbly curls: When you have curly hair a bubbly vibe is inevitable. Why not accentuate that?
  • Swept up : You can always pull your hair back in cute and curly ponytail on the top of your head to look cool and collected
  • Fancy and loose: Just let those curls loose and enjoy the feel of them around your face while they frame your features.
  • Trimmed and neat: A trimmed and neat hair style is a changed version of the braided hairdo
  • Natural it is: You can simply go with nap of your hair and revel in it
  • Happy and hep: This is a hairstyle with part on the side forming alluring layers on the side of your face making an oval and elongated shape

As you can see short to medium length curly hair can be worked in myriad styles. Just look through the pictures to get an idea.