40 Cute Emo Hairstyles: What Exactly Do They Mean?

Well, can we ask any girl or woman whether they have enough hairstyles to choose from, knowing that the answer is going to be no. This is because the female gender likes to keep experimenting with their looks and this includes their hair too. That is why emo hairstyles came into the horizon as they


Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style: Learn To Look Stylish With Some Tips From Them

It has often been said that of all the women in the world, there is no beating the style and elegance of the Parisian women. They always look so well put together but without seeming to have gone to that much effort. It is totally different from the hippie style of clothing – awesome and

Fashion Tips

classic look 6

Some Fashion Classics That You Should Know About

Have you ever watched a really old movie where you have looked at the main female character and noticed that she has styled herself in a way that is done even today? In fashion there are many changes that keep happening but in spite of all these changes there are some things that remain constant.


Moroccan bride

30 Pictures Of Beautiful Brides From All Over The World

When a woman becomes a bride, she wants to look her best and the best part is all brides look beautiful. It does not happen just like that and a bride has to work on her look and choose just the right dress, the right makeup, the right hairstyle and the right jewelry to look


Cutest Looks Of Olivia Palermo So Far

40 Cutest Looks Of Olivia Palermo So Far

When you look as awesome as Olivia Palermo does, then it is a given that most of the outfits that you wear are also going to look awesome. However, it is precisely women who look so good that take care with what they wear so that they always turn out looking really good. It is


sad guy with girl

What to say in a thank you card: 25 Suggestions

When you have received a kind turn or a nice gift or anything that warrants a thank you from you, you may wish to write something that is just more than the words “thank you”. It only makes sense that you seek to make things are made more personal and warmer when you want to


couple quotes together

40 Cute Couple Quotes For Him: Learn To Say It Poetically

When you are in a relationship, then the tendency is to start off romantic and then move on to a levels of the relationship, where you take your loved one for granted. There is no doubt a comfort to doing that but at the same time all of us need to know that we are

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10 Best Fashion Schools Across Europe

The fashion industry in spite of its outwardly appearance of being colorful and almost frivolous is quite a competitive. If you want a foothold in this industry then you should have the right support and in this case it means a degree from the right fashion school. If you are concerned about finding the right

History -

16 Sexy Vintage Dressing Styles That You Could Try

When one talks of vintage styles, one’s thought process veers towards the classics and this is correct but do not for one second assume that vintage styles were sedate and sober. In fact they were anything but that. One has just to look at the examples of vintage wedding dresses in 50s style to know this.  

Fashion Accessories

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Diamond Jewelry And A More Fashionable You!

Diamonds are forever and they are also your best friend and so on go the clichés. However, any girl will tell you that though diamonds maybe forever, it also takes forever to be able to buy one that is worth flashing at the world. But for those who feel that a diamond is beyond their