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Should Women Who Are Over 40 Years Have Long Hairstyles?

When it comes to hairstyles there are so many that making a choice can be really tough. Just when you think that you that you know all there is to know about hairstyles you come across a new one. Take cute emo hairstyles – what exactly do they mean? Once you have done your due


Pretty Teen Fashion Outfits (5)

40 Pretty Teen Fashion Outfits

It is ironic to think that the time that a girl looks her best is when she does not even realize it and in fact feels awkward about it. Yes, we are talking about the teen years of a girl’s life. There is no doubt that there is a definite amount of awkwardness that a

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Fashion Sketches For A Preview Of How Lovely The Designs Can Be

Have you ever wondered about the birth of a fashion idea and the journey it goes through before reaching you as a garment that you admire. We all take fashion for granted and even sometimes go as far as to complain about the cost of couture without knowing how much thought, creativity and effort goes


Romantic Lighting Ideas For Wedding (27)

40 Romantic Lighting Ideas For Weddings

A wedding is a celebration that happens when two people who love each other decide to get together and decide to spend their life together. This occasion is something of a landmark in the life of the couple that is marked by many things. There is a ceremony, there is a lovely dress and there


Gorgeous Looks of Kate Middleton (16)

40 Gorgeous Looks Of Kate Middleton

If you were slim, elegant and knew how to dress, then whom would you want to be compared to in terms of sartorial style? The answer that comes to mind instantaneously is Kate Middleton. She is the epitome of young and elegant chic and seems to know how to dress up in the best way


Brilliant Senior picture ideas for girls (25)

40 Brilliant Senior Picture Ideas For Girls

The life of a teenager can be surprisingly full; for the boys it can be all about the sports they are into, the girls they are into and for the girls it can be about the boys, the way they look and about fashion. It would be fair to say that teenage girls are quite


romantic letters for him 10

10 Romantic Love Letters For Him

Having a love life may just happen for most people, but it takes a lot to keep that love life going. A fact that many of us forget as we get along with our busy lives, but our advice to most people out there is to pause their busy lives and take a good look

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10 Best Fashion Schools Across Europe

The fashion industry in spite of its outwardly appearance of being colorful and almost frivolous is quite a competitive. If you want a foothold in this industry then you should have the right support and in this case it means a degree from the right fashion school. If you are concerned about finding the right

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16 Sexy Vintage Dressing Styles That You Could Try

When one talks of vintage styles, one’s thought process veers towards the classics and this is correct but do not for one second assume that vintage styles were sedate and sober. In fact they were anything but that. One has just to look at the examples of vintage wedding dresses in 50s style to know this.  

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The Many Uses For Vaseline That You Were Not Aware Of

Does a girl ever feel that she knows all that there is to know in terms of makeup and other related things? Never! This would be the answer that most girls would give. There are many tips out there like the best makeup tips for blue eyes and how the day makeup look differs from