Elegant Side swept Updos and Hairstyles (5)

40 Elegant Side Swept Updos And Hairstyles

Among the many features that are praised in women, one of the most underrated and probably under-appreciated are the ears. Ears? You ask. Yes they are pretty underrated and that too when they can do so much for the face and beauty of a woman. That is why side swept updos and hairstyles work so


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Check Out The Zuhair Murad Dresses Collection

When it comes to fashion and the latest trends, you will find that the world is divided into three categories – one being intensely in love with fashion, the second being the ones who hate fashion and the third being ones who are indifferent to fashion. However, if you look at a Zuhair Murad, the


Moroccan bride

30 Pictures Of Beautiful Brides From All Over The World

When a woman becomes a bride, she wants to look her best and the best part is all brides look beautiful. It does not happen just like that and a bride has to work on her look and choose just the right dress, the right makeup, the right hairstyle and the right jewelry to look


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Memorable Magic of Manish Malhotra Creations

Sometimes some fashion creations are so alluring and voluptuous and quintessentially feminine that they weave a memorable magic in your mind. The creations of Manish Malhotra come under this category as is evident from the way stars seek his creations. Looking at some of the Manish Malhotra creations will leave you feeling something akin to


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What to say in a thank you card: 25 Suggestions

When you have received a kind turn or a nice gift or anything that warrants a thank you from you, you may wish to write something that is just more than the words “thank you”. It only makes sense that you seek to make things are made more personal and warmer when you want to


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40 Cute Couple Quotes For Him: Learn To Say It Poetically

When you are in a relationship, then the tendency is to start off romantic and then move on to a levels of the relationship, where you take your loved one for granted. There is no doubt a comfort to doing that but at the same time all of us need to know that we are

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10 Best Fashion Schools Across Europe

The fashion industry in spite of its outwardly appearance of being colorful and almost frivolous is quite a competitive. If you want a foothold in this industry then you should have the right support and in this case it means a degree from the right fashion school. If you are concerned about finding the right

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16 Sexy Vintage Dressing Styles That You Could Try

When one talks of vintage styles, one’s thought process veers towards the classics and this is correct but do not for one second assume that vintage styles were sedate and sober. In fact they were anything but that. One has just to look at the examples of vintage wedding dresses in 50s style to know this.  

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Diamond Jewelry And A More Fashionable You!

Diamonds are forever and they are also your best friend and so on go the clichés. However, any girl will tell you that though diamonds maybe forever, it also takes forever to be able to buy one that is worth flashing at the world. But for those who feel that a diamond is beyond their